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Please, I would like the OLDER version.

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I recently downloaded the newer version of Paint.net (3.0),

I and liked the version I had a while back. (it had more fonts).

Now, could someone tell me, how to get rid of the new version and download the older one.

Plus, I have three paint.net icons on my desktop (no idea how that happened).


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Paint.NET can only use what fonts you have installed in Windows. The only way you would have fewer fonts now is if you deleted some of them before installing PDN.

As for the multiple icons, you may have installed the program to multiple directories. Try right clicking the actual icons and checking the properties for the target location...you'll see what I mean.


Even if I "lost" some fonts when upgrading to 3.0, it would still be worth it!


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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It was a bit more simplistic than the newer one.

But I have a new problem...

When I try to download v3.0 (again, since I tried to do a system restore in hopes that it would restore the old Paint.net files), it can't remove the files from the old one (that don't even work anyway).

I get an error message, and then it stops the installation.

Basicly, I'm an idiot and I need help...

(I'm sorry I'm pestering all of you...)

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