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Just an idea... Elastic pen / Smooth pen

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Ever since I picked up a pencil, I have wished I could draw more smoothly.


With drawing on a computer this is magnified as an issue, try drawing a spiral/coil with a mouse or touch pad...


So my idea, and I have seen it somewhere is what could be termed an elastic pen, when you draw with it you draw a vector form that depending on the setting is smoothed more or less, all bumps and angles are smoothed, so the intention comes through rather than the jagged mess that would have occurred.


Sure, these things can be done with Spline and Bezier curve tools, but this would give more freedom than doing it in steps. (and removes issues with joining curve sections).


I found this talking about the details of this here:


Preferably until apply is clicked the points could also be movable to tweak the form.


Reading that may help explain what I am on about too.


Perhaps if it doesn't become a feature of paint maybe it could be made into an effect plugin?


Or maybe there already is one?


note: Sorry, I should not have posted this here, but in suggestions and feature requests..

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Thanks, I like your plugin, though maybe a bit different to what I wanted, it is pretty close.


In fact is could almost be a setting, where you could left click, hold down and every x pixels distance or every x second (set by user) another node is placed.


This would allow for easier and more natural node placement. 

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Hmmmm, Make it into a pen.  The Idea is similar to the interface I use in TR's Edge Cutter. Except Edge Cutter is based on distance from last node.


The current interface is already very complex , that's why I've included all the video tutorials. Though your Idea is very tempting, I may play around with it in the future.


Thank you for the suggestion.

Go out there and be amazing. Have Fun, TR
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I watched the first video, and from there found the interface to be pretty straight forward.


The most annoying thing is when I try to drag a node, but miss it and the program thinks I want it to create a new node.

I do not know if this is just me being careless.


All in all, pretty neat.  If it becomes a pen all the better.

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