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Selection flaw


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Note: I have failed to recreate this myself, so I am not certain anymore.


I have found an apparent fault...


I clicked on magic wand and selected a portion, then I clicked add, but as soon as I did (without moving to the image area) the entire image became selected.


I solved this by doing it in reverse by subtracting what I wanted to select, then subtracting the rest I wanted to select, then inverting the selection.


Still the fault exist and doing it in reverse might not always be practical/possible. 

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Yeah. This is actually correct. You changed the combination mode, which takes affect if you haven't committed the selection.


Steps to repro:


1. Select All

2. Ensure that the selection mode is "Replace" (first one), and then use Magic Wand anywhere

3. Click on "Add (union)" selection mode.


You will now have selected everything. This is by design! (because if everything is selected, then add/union with any other selection also results in everything being selected) You'll see an item in History for "Change Selection Mode." It means you can play with the various selection combination modes to figure out which one you want, before going to the next step. You can also adjust the tolerance, and move the anchor point around, and the magic wand computation will automatically recompute.


If you need a "barrier" between operations, click Finish in the toolbar. (green checmkar)

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