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Sorry, I personally don't know of any plugins that can do that. There are plugins that make grids and checkerboards, but I don't think they make checkerboards shaped like your example image. However, perhaps you could somehow manually make something.


Example, using paint.net 4.0 's ellipse shape :

I made a new layer, then choose shapes tool > ellipse, set my bush size to a comfortable size, set line option to "dotted", held shift while drawing my circle, then duplicated my circle layer, rotated and resized the duplicated layer till it lined up giving the "checkered" or "doubled row" appearance, last I colored the background layer yellow and used the ellipse selection tool to delete the center and outside areas around the circle. (if this quick explanation is too vague, or if it is confusing, let me know and I will try to clarify.)


It's not exactly pretty as I threw it together in like 4 minutes, but hopefully it gets the idea across.





Obviously more effort might produce better and cleaner results, then to spice it up you could use some layer blend modes, gradients, drop shadows, or give it some shading, etc.




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I realize this reply is quite late but I just wanted to add to Welsh's excellent suggestion on how to create your checkerboard frame. Please make sure to follow the red guidelines in order to have a result that resembles this:







As Welsh mentioned, you will need the following plugins:


-Grid/Checkerboard Maker

-Polar Transformation



1) Open a new worksheet, it MUST be square and also work with multiples of 3 which is the difference with how welsh proceeded and is the foundation to obtaining evenly spaced and proportioned squares in your frame (size example: 300x300, 600x600, 900x900)


2) Start by giving your background a color that will allow your frame to stand out, then create a New Layer (you will be working entirely this created layer and never the background one)


3) Use the Grid/Checkerboard Maker plugin (select the primary and secondary colors you want for your frame before running it)

  • Click Mode Checker Board
  • Unclick the "Linked with Horizontal" checkbox
  • Enter the "Horizontal AND Vertical Grid Step" values. The proportions MUST BE 1 (horizontally) by 3 (vertically). BOTH VALUES MUST also be multiples that work with you canvas size. (i.e. for a 600x600 canvas the rectangle could be 10x30, 20x60, 40x120 etc) In the supplied image I used a 600x600 canvas with a 10 Horizontal by 30 Vertical value.

**If done correctly your checkerboard should fit perfectly in your canvas size.


4) Using the Rectangle Select tool select the TWO middle rows. Then Invert Selection (Ctrl+I) and hit Delete to keep nothing but the two middle rows.


(Note: If you can't properly select the needed rows refine your selection size by using the Move Selection tool and by using the nubs along with the arrow keys until your covering the exact size necessary)


5) Run the Polar Transformation plugin with "Transform Rectangular to Polar" checked.




All the credit really goes to Welsh for establishing what I think is the best and easiest procedure. I just crunched the numbers to get results more similar to what I believe you had in mind


Cheers B)

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