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Trouble uploading images in Paint forum

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I can't figure out if this is an ISP issue or if Paint.net is having issues: When I try to upload an image into the forums the rectangle box where you put in the URL address in (mine is Photobucket) usually stays on the page for a long time, I can see my image is downloaded but the box freezes ( it stayed that way for a good 15 minutes) and I am not able to post my pictures. Also when I try to do an insert image...I right click where I'm posting, hit paste, then nothing happens.

Is Paint.net having issues or is there something  I can do to fix this? Please let me know if you need more info from me about this or tall me what I need to do.


Thank you for your time

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Sure looks like it to me!  Glad it's all figured out.


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Ctrl + PrtScrn usually does the job.  It takes a screenshot and places it in the clipboard.  Press Ctrl + V to paste it into a Paint.NET layer.


Please remember that tutorials should be undertaken when the subject is VERY well known and you're able to answer questions on it.

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Also, remember that not all forums here on this board allow images to be attached to posts.

The Pictorium, for example, requires external hosting.

Plus, there is an overall limit to how much uploading one person can do here at the board.

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:glum:I feel very discouraged and very misunderstood...... Let me go over this again:


When I try to download in the Pictorium  the url box freezes on my screen, it will stay on and will not go away, it will stay that way until I hit the back button to go to the last page. Please just ask me if there is something you don't understand in my posts. If you need me to I will send a screenshot to you. I will see later on today if this glitch has worked itself out.

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Let me ask some questions to try and see if I understand better.

-- Are you downloading images or Are you trying to add an image into a post by using a photobucket link? I think you are trying to add images to posts, right?

-- Have you tried using a different web browser?

-- What format are your images? png, jpeg, pdn?

-- If you are using links from photobucket, are you using the right links?

      I know photobucket has quite a few links to choose from.  I have personally found that when using pant.net's reply/post editor and clicking on the "insert image" icon, which brings up a window for a url, the link from photobucket that I need to use is the one called "direct link".  For thumbnails, I don't use the insert image icon, I just use photobucket's "IMG Thumb" link and paste that link right into my posts.

-- Where is the thread you are having issues posting images in and how old is it? Could you give a link to your thread?

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Kelly, please post the screenshot. It will help remove many assumptions.

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