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IMO,my gallery is a hot mess.It needs fixed on many levels but for now,Id like to know how you guys are putting your newest work 1st.I have a couple new ones but I dont want to even bother posting them unless I can do it right.Seems like no matter where I post my pics,they always end up as the last post of my gallery.Thanks in advance.

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When you go to your gallery on your first page, you will see an edit option - select 'use full editor' and at the very top of your page, insert your image code there, it will then become the first pictures that visitors will see.





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I'd recommend you do the editing offline & save a copy as a simple text file.  ;)


Get the current source by following Sasha's directions.  Toggle the button in the top left of the Full Editor until you see the formatting tags (enclosed in square brackets).  Copy & paste this into a word processor and off you go....

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