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Heavy processor load when selecting many (non contiguous) pixels

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My new quad-core Intel i7 processor really works a lot when I select lots of discontinuous pixels (for example magic wand selection of dark leaves in an image with small leaves against a bright sky background). Any operations take a long time (several minutes) for each change of brightness or contrast or selecting anew to add to(subtract from the existing selection....

This severely limits the work I can do.

Does anybody else experience this and have a solution/workaround?


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I'm assuming you are using "global" when using the magic wand to make the selection,,   try dialing the tolerance down a bit.


Oh, and the bigger the image,the longer it takes. Not sure if there is a limit on the size of image you can do that with in PDN before it freezes also.If there is you could be close to that.

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Simply put, if you are working with a very large image, things take longer to calculate.

I just have a few questions for you:

-What are the dimensions of the image in pixels?

-How many layers are you using?

-How much RAM do you have?

-What version of Paint.net are you using?

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Magic wand is CPU intensive, especially in v3.5.


Try the 4.0 beta. The magic wand is still CPU intensive, but everything is done in a much more responsive way (asynchronously etc).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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