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Saving with 4.0.5168 12074 Bug report of sorts

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Am using the hardware attached (win8.1 on SurfacePro 4gb ram, 8gb swap space (in one contiguous file), 6.69 HDD free).


I have a photo larger than my scanner that I am patching together to one big image. Each image has been scanned 1200x1200dpi and each image is 400mb roughly in size. One half needs to be rotated before merging the two image halves together. You'd think simple. not.


Have used PDN before for specific tasks. I am not an image guy but occasionally tweak images. Downloaded version 4 beta for the task above.

Opened one image half, increase the canvas and save, exit.

Open the other image half, rotate the image, save and exit. No problems this far.


Open the first image, aaargh whats happened? Attached image "paint dot net error.jpg"


Lots of playing around, cursing and swearing. Changing PC configuration to optimize PDN use of the machine, minimising all other apps (basically killing all other process) finally saving at each step to isolate the issue.


It appears, that during the saving process (I took the ok button off the attached image I have sent to you to reduce the image size and fit within your upload limits) PDN is busy calculating the file size and is not ready to save. Attached image "paint dot net saving 2.jpg" during computing.


If you push the ok button too soon, image "error.jpg" occurs. If you wait until the save finished computing the image appears in the preview, the file size is offered and the saved result is attached image "paint dot net wait.jpg". Beautiful!


Perhaps I am pushing machine limits, image size limits, scan image limits or something but even as I have figured out my dilemma, thought you folks might like to know what you silly users are tying to do and might want to restrict the ok button availability until "computing - please wait" is done. Perhaps you could also suggest in the wait screen, "Jeepers dumbass, get your hand away from the mouse".


Have a great day.

PDN is great.


paint dot net.txt




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