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Feature request: Circles from center, not from edge.

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I have posted this elsewhere, but forgive me I believe this falls under 2 categories, both a 4.0 issue, and a general feature request.


The 3.5 way of making a circle could be described as a diameter method i believe, this is ok, and it allows for making concentric circles (a very common thing for circles to be) quite easy with the help of the shift key to keep the circle in perspective. This is also the way the circle select toll works even in 4.0 Beta


The 4.0 Beta way of making circles has the first click by in the corner of the circle, not generally as useful a location and moreover terribly hard to make concentric circles, really is is very hard and next to impossible and requires working on different layers and watching pixel numbers and re-positioning and so on, and if you want the gap between the circles to be small it is really hard to get this method to work without lots of trial and error redo's that take time.


The IMHO BEST was would be for the click down to mark the center point of the circle and then as you drag the pointer one you describe the radius with the pointer.


While I would love the latter, I could be very happy with returning of the 3.5 method, or the option to choose between all 3 would be pretty cool if anyone actually cares about the other methods.


But the beta way ain't the better way.

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If you want filled solid circles you could try the gradient tool :GradientTool:, with it set to radial :RadialGradient: , and have your primary color set to whatever you want, then have the secondary color be transparent. Duplicate the layer to make things more solid.
You might like the plugin random shape fill too, it makes circles, but you can't customize them since they are rendered for you and fill the canvas randomly. I sometimes will render just one shape though, then use my selection tool to move it. The Plugin : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/10633-random-shape-fill/
When I first posted this I was very sleepy, now re-reading it I realized the one part didn't match how the gradient tool functions. Fixed it.

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You might like these align plugins. You would still need to make each circle on it's own layer, but at least you could get them evenly placed.




The Drop Ripple plugin is kind of cool.



 (Oh, and I had previously worded my above comment wrong for using the gradient tool, so I edited that. )

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What you may try is Fill and Stroke of the path tools.

Selecting the circle shape and press control to set the start point to the center of the shape.

This method actually works!


Only catch is the circle size limitation. Thanks.


The gradient fill method is interesting, but produces a jagged circle of hard to control thickness.


Hopefully they will fix paint.net 4.0, but until then this plugin/effect will do, even if limited.


I tried align tool, pretty good, though it only help to a point, it does not help with circles that are sized so as to be unable to be given a common center. if the center of one circle is a pixel, and the center of the other circles is between pixels, you can't align them.


This requires having multiple goes to get a correctly sized circle, maybe if I watch the number of pixels is in each circle I can fix this? 

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