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How do i resize images into another image.

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I have a picture and i want to put a picture over it to fit that same exact size.

Is there any tips and tricks to making this process faster perhaps even a way to just paste the picture and have it automatically adjust to the size of the picture?


Thanks :D

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Hi lordoni.  It's nice to have you here on the forum :)


Try this:


1. Open your first image.


2. Got to Layers > Import from File.


3. Browse to the second image. 


4. Click OK.


If the first image is larger, the second image will be imported as a new layer and located in the top left of the canvas.  The Move tool :MoveTool: will be activated automatically.  Grab the bottom right control nub and stretch the image out until it fills the canvas.


If the second image is larger the reverse will happen (first image will be small and top-left located).  You will need to select this (hint: activate first image layer, Magic Wand the transparent surround and invert the selection with CTRL + I).  Activate the move tool (press M) and again drag out the image to match.

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When you drag the move tool corner look at the bottom of the Paint.net window to get information on the size of the image. If you are zoomed out then it might be difficult to get the EXACT size wanted but if zoomed in it is easy.


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