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How does Adjustment/Saturation works internally ?

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I've been playing with it for a couple of hours now and while the results are really great

it's a little puzzling as on how it works internally.


Here's an example :


Original image



Saturation set to 168



Now on Photoshop and a few others the result is not like that at all, (whether proofing is on or off)

I'd say it's very faithful to the original colors, understand in that it doesn't change, in fact it's barely visible.


But in fact the Paint.Net filter is quite great in its own as this is what I was looking for, more saturation :D


So I've been playing with AForge.Net trying to find out a similar result, but it went like Photoshop ...

Until I've started playing with YCbCr which brought the following result :




That just makes the Paint.Net filter even more mysterious, the results are great but they are different.


My questions are :


Can you explain how does the saturation filter do produce such colors ?

Does it play on an YCbCr color space ?

Finally, is it linear or not ?


Thank you,


Best regards

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Sorry, I don't have an answer for you. But I totally agree with you, I love how vibrant and bright paint.net can make colors. <3


Edit :

If you like to play with saturation, you may like Ed Harvey's plugins.


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