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I'm looking for a plugin that will enable me to easily select around a character or object in a picture and copy just the object but not the background it's on. What I'm wanting is just the object on the picture but not the background. Is there a  plugin like this?

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Creating a program that recognizes objects is not quite as simple as it first appears.

As a human, you don't need every line of code to be written directly to your brain in order to distinguish between the object and the background. Think, however, about how you have this functionality. What is it about an object that makes it different from its background if both object and background are on the same 2D plane? Not so easy. As humans, we can fill in missing data based on our experiences when the object is the same color as the background. Computers don't have the experiences built in.

The only way for a computer to do this is by analyzing color differences. It finds where the color makes a sharp change and determines that to be the edge of the object. But what if the object has sharp color changes within itself? That's where the past experiences come in. For example, a computer that isn't programmed to recognize a tiger as a single object will see each slice as a separate piece.

Basically what I'm saying is that there is no such plugin because it extremely impractical, as you have to create a huge database of objects that won't get split up by the code. The most efficient way, then, is to allow the human to make judgement and decisions for the computer and let the computer help tweak things to make it easier.

That's what the plugin skullbonz pointed you will do.

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To remove simple black or white backgrounds you can use AlphaSpace.

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Hello. Unfortunately there really isn't a one click easy solution to separating an image from it's background. As PDNoob explained, the average computer and most PC programs just aren't smart enough to distinguish an object from it's background. Sorry. :/


But, you can remove some simple backgrounds with the plugin EER has shared, or I personally prefer grim color reaper : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15595-grim-color-reaper-plugin/


You might also consider this tutorial on how to cutout images : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/13796-cutting-out-images/

Take note though, with this tutorial you don't have to delete the background if you don't want to. But instead you can use the selection to copy the image, and then add a new layer, and paste your image on the new layer. It is then a stand alone object, but you would still have the background.


Good luck with your image! :)

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