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How to stop layer modes mixing colours?

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Hi, I'm creating some texture masks for a model. I want to overlay a pattern coloured RGB 62 62 62 and white background overlaid on top of another pattern RGB 87 67 57 with white background.


However using Darken layer mode means it takes the lowest RGB value of each, not the cumulative value, changing the top pattern to RGB 62 62 57 where it overlaps with the bottom pattern.


Things is I have texture masks from earlier of the same colours that don't suffer this problem and I've no idea how I did it.

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Welcome to the forum Temp89! :)


Using blend modes in intended to alter the colorization.  Try deleting the white color (Magic Wand + Shift click on a white pixel) from the top layer and using opacity (i.e. the transparent bits) to allow the underlying pattern to show through.


If that is not what you require, upload a sample of both patterns so we can see what you're trying to achieve.

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Thanks. Unfortunately the pattern ends up pixelated with white bits showing through if I use magic wand. Same if I overlay a mask a second time on the brown with Darken so as to make the RGB colours less than the grey I'm pasting on top.


Yet somehow I managed to do it perfectly with final.jpeg and I can't remember how.




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Your white pixels at the edges are a result of the incomplete removal of the white background.  You might be able to get a better result by altering the Tolerance level of the Magic Wand (increase it = selects more pixels).


If that doesn't work, have a look at this thread which details a technique using Alpha Masking: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19110-white-background-removal-preserve-transparency-2-steps/

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