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Martin Osieka

Measure Object (Tools Effect)

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Plugin which allows the digital image editor "Paint.NET" to take measurements of an object in the active layer. An object is defined by all pixels inside the selection which are not transparent. Because the selection restricts the detection of an object, you may measure different objects in the active layer.

Measured values are

  • area, location, width, height, diagonal, and angles of the bounding rectangle.

While the dialog of the effect is open the bounding area of the detected object will be colored in red. The drawing inside of the dialog shows a one bit mask of the detected objected (w/o respecting the aspect ratio). A one bit mask is used because it makes only sense to distinguish between transparent and non-transparent pixels. Transparent pixel means its alpha value is zero.



Find the latest version >> Measure Object v1.5 (26.3.2014)




The following example shows which area the plugin detects inside of the selected area:




© 2014 by Martin Osieka, ComSquare AG, Switzerland (


Free for all users to use it as plugin for of the digital image editor Paint.NET.


Unzip "MeasureObject.Effect" and copy the following files

  • MeasureObject.dll, MeasureObject.dlc
    into the Effects folder of your Paint.NET installation.
    A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects".
  • OptionBasedLibrary vY.Y.dll, OptionBasedLibrary vY.Y.dlc
    into the folder of your Paint.NET installation (not into the Effect folder!).
    A typical location is "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET".

After a restart of Paint.NET you will find the plugin under Menu->Effects->Object.


Paint.NET 3.5.11 and 4.0Beta

Supported languages

English, Deutsch
You may add your own translation to the .dlc file.

Release History

1.5 (26.3.2014)
- Added top/left and bottom/right coordinate
- Derived from MeasureSelection v1.5


Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Added zipped DLL

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