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how to remove finger blur in photo

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Try using your "cloning tool" adjust circle size as needed.
To use it - first hold down your control key on your keyboard click it in an area the same color where the thumb print is maybe a little out from the thumb mark you want to fix. Then drag the circle over near or on top of the thumb mark then click again. Now you should see the circle follow your clone tool as you work the photo.
It should have copied the exact section of the photo next to the thumb mark where you pushed the control key and started the tool and then applied it on top of the thumb mark.
You may have to adjust the circle size of the clone tool to get into small areas or large and remember to zoom your window in so you can really see what you are doing.
Trial and error and the good old "undo" arrow up top along with patience may resolve your problem.

Hope that helps

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OP, if those suggestions are unhelpful, please understand that your request is very vague.  If you could show us an example of the image you're working with and be more detailed about what you want to do with it, that would be very helpful.


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After playing around with your picture and using the clone tool, here is a mediocre version of the outcome.
I imagine if I spent some hours working it I could get it to come out better, but if you are not to particular about it, here you go....
Water is a tricky thing to work with...



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