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TR's PanoPDN - Panoramic Viewer

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TechnoRobbo's PanoPDN Panoramic  Viewer



Effects- > Photo


This plugin converts equirectangular images into a texture map and renders them in direct3d.


Download images

Equirectangular images are also known as

spherical images

spherical projections

plate carree

360X180 Panorama

Equirectangular Projection

Search under those names.


Equirectangular Images can be downloaded on Google Images or here http://www.flickr.com/groups/equirectangular/


Or Create Your Own

If you want to create your own panoramics download Microsoft ICE http://research.micr...groups/ivm/ice/

It will stitch multiple photos into a spherical  panoramic.


music by TechnoRobbo

image by Alexandre Duret-Lutz



*I'm sorry it is not known as Mercator Projection 


Only images with 2:1 aspect ratios are processed. If it's a true Spherical image but it's been stretched then resize it to 2:1


The higher the resolution the better

tested up at 12000X6000 pixels


Install the TRsPanoPDN & TRPANOVIEW  Plugin in Effects folder



If the viewer does not start , It may be necessary to update your Direct-X



Source Code for Programmers





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