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Smoke Effects [No Plugins!]

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post (I looked to see if there was a requirement to make a formal introduction to the forum but I couldn't find anything).

Anyhow, since I like following tutorials in my free time I thought I would show the results of one as a way to introduce myself.

Please let me know if I've made a faux pas.

PS: Nice tutorial, FotoFactory!


Thanks and welcome! :)

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I think adding a mostly-upward motion blur as a final step improves the sense that the smoke is rising.


EDT: Another suggestion is is to use the radial blur after drawing the line in order to spread and blur the top of the smoke. Just place the blur center at or just below the smoke's origin and apply a small angle of blurring. The zoom blur might also useful (either before denting or as a final step), with the zoom center placed near the smoke origin in order to make the smoke appear to spread out from that point.

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I used this tutorial many times to make my drawing look fancy. I use this tutorial too to make fire. This tutorial is really helpfull 


So i made something with a rainbow and a self-made candle

(sorry for my bad English i'm not from England/ America/ Canada/ Australia / New Zealand)



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<3 @Bill Nunley


You're quite welcome forum. I like the way you did this one. Thank you so much for your effort. :cake: :coffee:

*Sorry! I'll be back tomorrow to give you a reputation.

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