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How to: Make text out of images?

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Can someone answer this?

Two hours you gave before bumping this?  We have lives and real jobs.  Be patient, calm down, cool your jets.  We want to help you, but we're not here at your beck and call.  We have better things to do.


Read the rules before posting again.  Especially #25.


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
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If plugins don't scare you, you could use the alpha mask plugin.


With alpha mask all you need to do is...

1) Add a layer and type your text on it (make sure your text is black),

2) "select all" and "copy" it,

3) make your text layer invisible

4) click on your image's layer, then go up to the menu bar to Effects > alpha mask, and check the "invert mask" option, then click "ok".


If you want your letters to be outlined, there are two "outline object" plugins available and also a drop shadow plugin. I recommend trying all three to see which one produces the look you want the best.


All plugins mentioned can be found in the plugin index : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15260-plugin-index/



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Nice link Pixey. :)


That tutorial uses the alpha mask that I was talking about, but it also shows added text effects such as smoothing text edges and some beveling. I thought of mentioning how to smooth the text edges in my above post, but I wanted to keep the steps as short and simple as possible, so I left added things like that out. AA's assistant is one of my favorite plugins though when used with other edge smoothing techniques. (which again, aa's assist can be found in the plugin index)


A note about the tutorial, it used "Alpha Mask" not "Alpha Mask Import" but both plugins are found on the Alpha Mask Import thread. So, to clarify for people, make sure you get the "AlphaMask" plugin.

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