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Newbie RAW plugins do we have it ?

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First of all, thanks a lot for a such good software !!!

I also have a Panasonic (FZ8) and installed the raw plugin found near here,

it opens my raw file, but the image isn't the one I took.

It's all noisy, it looks like a modern wall paper in red colors,

does someone have an idea to make it good ?


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You may want to try this:

http://www.dphotojournal.com/download-f ... ials-2006/

Apparently, that program was bought by Adobe, renamed Lightroom, and started to sell it. Luckily, that person saved and uploaded one of the now few installers of the free one.

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That access to this Download with CHIP on-line one/download.de was refused!

That can have different reasons:

1. They use the AOL Browser or the Download manager of T-Online

Solution: Please try it with standard software: E.G. Internet Explorer as Browser and/or flashget as a Download manager

2. They use a Download manager and in your Browser a Proxy registered

Solution: Without Download managers the Download should function always, without Proxy likewise. If you are been versed, you can also solve the problem, in that you in the Browser make and in the Download manager identical pro XY attitudes.

3. Illegal Deeplink

Are legal Download on the left of, if they originate from Downloadseiten from http://www.chip.de or http://www.download.de. If they are left discovered another web page on these, they send please an email to feedback@chip.de. The email should contain the Download left and the URL of the strange web page, from which this originates left.

4. The Download left is too old

Solution: Reloading you the Download side.

5. Their InterNet connection was in the meantime separated and rebuilt

Solution: Reloading you the Download side.

6. The Download left was manipulated

This is not permissible.

If none of the specified points applies with you, send please an email to feedback@chip.de with as a specification of its system configuration as possible (operating system, Provider, Browser, Download manager, Proxy, Firewall, filter).

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