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There are two issues


1) If FileType plugin A supports just loading of an extension and plugin B just saving of the same extension then it may not work.

    One example is

       A: ImPDF which supports saving of PDFs

       B: PostscriptImport which supports loading of PDFs.

       Loading throws the error:

           System.NotSupportedException: Loading not supported for this FileType

       Even if you are setting the filter in the OpenFileSelector to B you will get the exception.

     I said 'may not work' because renaming 'PostscriptImport.dll' to 'APostscriptImport.dll' allows you to load PDFs.

     So the order of filenames may be the reason for this behaviour.


2) It would be nice to allow more than one plugin to support the same extension for loading/saving

    means Paint.NET should respect the filter index of the Open/SaveFileSelector.

    For sure there is the question what to do if the user opens a file with one of the other methods (like drag&drop, open recent, or open with *.* wildcard). I would ask him which one to use.

In the moment users are fighting i.e. with these .bmpx or .agif/.apng extensions just to work around the problem.

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