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So I'm making a stop motion w/ paint.net

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Hello everyone. I want to make a stop motion video with paint.net. When I take my pictures they're all slightly dark, so I need to adjust each one and save. Is there a way for me to mass edit lots of pictures at one time?


Right now I do the following to get my pictures edited and saved.

1) Drag and drop them all into the program.

2) Press Ctrl+Shift+C to edit the first picture, then it I press those hot keys for each picture in the set.

3) Once I'm done I close the program so the dialog box opens asking me if I want to save all my work. I click yes for each and every picture.


I find this a little time consuming because I have to Ctrl+Shift+C and OK each picture, which takes about 1 second. And I also have to wait for each picture's save dialog box to open so I can "OK" the save. If i'm doing 100 pictures, that's 200 seconds, or over 3 minutes. I'm assuming there's a way to mass edit pictures but I'm just missing it. Any help would be appreciated.

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No, Paint.NET currently doesn't have batch processing features, sorry.


You might want to try out pyrochild's Scriptlab , which would mean you'd only have to hit Ctrl+F to accomplish all of the edits over and over.


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