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how to smooth a scanned image

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I am drawing pictures by hand (poorly) that I am uploading to my website.  I am trying to smooth the lines but I have no idea how. any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I have an example attached so you can see what I am talking about.


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Usually, if I can't smooth out my art with Median, I just add a new layer and use the curve tool to trace it instead.

For example, this started as an messy, smudged sketch with a dull pencil on a sheet of notebook paper:


Then, I took a bad picture of it with a mediocre camera under horrific lighting conditions, uploaded it to my computer, and traced it all with the curve tool.

To make lines of varying thickness, think of it as an area you wish to fill rather than a line. Outline the area with two curves and fill it with the paint bucket (make sure the tolerance is set to 68-69% so you don't get semi-transparent dots around the edges)

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