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How to get transparent txt w/transparent layer and pic showing through? (example in topic)

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Hey all,


Just wondering how to achieve this look in picture attached. I have searched high and low over the net with no answer in sight for paint.net. I am after the exact same affect as shown in picture attached just with bigger font.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)




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Hi brakket - welcome to the forum :)


Very quickly....


1. Open the source image.


2. Create a new layer.


3. Fill the entire new layer with a light grey.


4. Type your text onto the grey layer using a very different color for the text (i.e. red).


5. Use the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool: + Shift key to select all the text on one go.


6. Press delete.


7. Press F4 and lower the opacity of the grey layer to suit.


8. Run AA's Assistant over the grey layer to smooth the edges of the text.




9. Flatten and Save As  (not Save - that would overwrite the original).

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You can find AA's Assistant listed in the Plugin Index. There is a link in my signature.

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