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Hard copies have extra borders...

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I designed a business card for somebody.  On the screen, the image is centered and just the right size.  But when I made a hard copy, it looks all wring... because the paper is bigger than the screen.  Now the image looks too small.  There's no border to show where the business card actually ends.  Does anyone know how I can correct this?

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What is meant is - add a 1px darker outline on your original image (around your final size) You could perhaps then use windows print feature to create a sheet of business cards. then cut around the cards when printed just 'inside' the outline. I hope that is making sense.


Edit- not sure if windows prints a series of cards now. Maybe copy / paste to office or same kind of application ? 

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I need to add that I tried changing the print-settings.  Choosing "cropped" only cut off part of the image!  At first the image looked too small.  Now it's too big.  Nothing seemed to give me what I had on the screen.  :(


Simple tip:  Make your screen image three times the printed size, and print it at high/photo quality.  That is, when the image is viewed at 100% size on the screen it should be three times the size you want when printed.


Let's say a business card is 9cm x 5.5cm in size.  Your image on screen (at 100%) should be approx 27cm x 16.5cm.  On a monitor with a resolution of 96PPI that's a pixel size of around 1020 x 624.

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