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Gradual transition & blurred – ‘hazy glow surround’ effect

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Sorry about the newbie question, but I just can’t figure this one out. I tried tips from related tutorials, but 3 days down the line I’m still stuck!


What I’m trying to do is superimpose this public domain Wiki Commons portrait on the sample background, but avoid the straight lines and the harsh cut&paste contrast (i.e. so that it’d look more like a “memory”, rather than just a picture on the wall).


The effect I was aiming for was to have the portrait surrounded by some sort of round-edged-rectangular or oval “frame” that would be more transparent, blurred and bright / glowing.


Is this possible and if so, can you please give me a dummies’ guide to how it’s done? I tried selecting an area that overlaps both background and edge of portrait and experimented with Gaussian Blur, gradients, layer transparency etc but I must be using them wrong because no matter what I do, it still looks like a straight-edged painting on the wall. Many thanks!





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To soften the image before creating the border, try this little plugin Dream by @BoltBait.

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