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Dealing with faded 70s and 80s photos

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Hi all,


My first post.  I absolutely love Paint.net, and was happy to make a donation a moment ago, which I'll repeat in future.  Please keep up the good work.


I am looking for an easy way to deal with faded photos from the 70s and 80s - you know the ones - they go orangey/red.  I used to use Paintshop Pro and it had an effect built in that dealt with them.


Thanks for any advice.


- Rob Lightbody

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I kinda like vintage pictures. Lots of times that the orange/reddish effect actually enhances the picture in such an artistic way.


You can use the Curves tool (Adjustments>Curves). Change the setting from Luminosity to RGB. Uncheck Green and Blue and lower the red line. This should lessen the red a bit. You can also adjust the blue a bit more. The Curves+  plugin even has more features.


I'm sure other people would have other ideas on how to do this.

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