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How to remove added text/lines/paintbrush back to original screenshot

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I made a screenshot. then In paint.net software, I click File>Open and selected the file to open. I added some lines using the paintbrush and rounded rectangle. I then click save. Now the screenshot looks like this example: http://www.screencast.com/t/xlY5bUOlA9


Q1) Is it possible to remove the lines, and get back the original screenshot?


Q2) How to highlight? I searched but do not seem to find a highlight button.




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Not possible.


If you've not closed Paint.NET, you can always press Ctrl-Z to undo any changes you've made.  After closing Paint.NET, however, the history is not saved.




Had you made your text/shapes on their own layer, you could delete that layer.  But, once a shape has been applied to the base layer or you have flattened the image down to a single layer, that type of change is not possible.


Can you go take another screenshot?

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Win 7+ allows you to right click on the image and "Restore previous versions". That may allow you to recover the original.

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The only common file format which preserves the layer structure is *.pdn. If you haven't saved in this format you can assume it's a single layer.

In a multi-layered pdn, toggling the layer visibility is a quick way to find out what's on a particular layer. You can also see some detail in the layer thumbnail in the Layers window.

In a flattened image there is no way to tell which layer held individual elements of the composite image.

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Imagine the screenshot as an image on a piece of paper. The layers, if there are any, are like old fashioned transparency sheets- you know, the old sheets of acetone used with overhead projectors?

Now, if you drew the lines and text on those transparencies, retrieving the original would be as simple as just pulling the transparencies off of the top. But if you wrote them on the paper itself...how could you remove the ink from the paper without removing what was underneath it?


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