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Paint.net v3.0 without Win2k compatibility (Part II)


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Hi, i just wanted to reply to BoltBait post from here:


BoltBait wrote:

Ubuntu, I recommend one of the following:

1) Upgrade your OS to Windows XP (or Vista)


2) Be happy with Paint.NET version 2.72

We aren't in the age of Windows 2000 any more. The fact of the matter is, Windows 2000 is a dead (or dying) operating system. It is no longer secure or supported by Microsoft. Get over it.

Hi BoltBait,

thanks to your answer and recommendation but i am over and fed up with newer MS systems so i will not change to these anymore!As many users they just dont want to be treated like children by these MS controlled systems and have a right and freedom to choose software which is going to be run on (own firewalls,system protections).The time is now that its necessary to make new considerations what these systems like WinXP and Vista in reality and all day practise are...

...Big Brothers...

I dont need a Big Brother,i am a grown up.And dont forget one thing,WinXP is basically a single user system and not a network system like Win2k!Win2k is more stable and is 92% XP kernel!So just tell me the reasons why you cant make Paint.net run on Win2k anymore?!?!?It would be nice if Paint.Net will be availible for Ubuntu system,cauz thats the system i am going to live with :D :wink:

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Like was said, no trolling allowed, and the last post was locked. That does not mean "oh just go open a new thread with the same topic but in a different section of the forum."

This is your last warning.


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