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It's been pointed out in no uncertain terms that I can antagonise some people.  If I do it's not with the express purpose of causing maximum offence.

Nor is it to upset the equilibrium of the forum.  A.) The forum and it's members deserves better.  B.) The whole PDN package definitely deserves better


Having English as a second language and not being 100% health wise is no excuse if my straight talking is construed as being malicious.

That has never been my intention and I'm honestly not a nasty person. In my defence I hope I've stood up for more people here than I've alienated in the nearly six years I've been here.  The internet is a wonderful place but sadly it cannot always pick up the nuances of what someone is trying to put across and as such it can come across as blunter than it was originally meant to be.


That said, like alcohol and drugs are no mitigation in the commission of a crime; the same has to be said for writing something in the heat of the moment and not considering the effect it may have on a wider reaching scale ... or it being construed as rudeness


That I am guilty of.  And I can only apologise to anyone who feels they've been the victim of my tongue in the past.


To Red Ochre ... myself leaving here the forum will soon get over.  Yourself it won't so easily, with the work you put into your plugins and the benefits you bring.  Artists come and go.  Decent coders don't.

I apologise sincerely and from the heart if my comment in the Cliff Rock tutorial caused hurt.  Unfortunately I saw yours as a lack of manners, can I really be condemned for that ?  Even if I should be shot for my wording and retort ... if it makes you feel any better, people in 'real life'

had far worse that morning. To the driver of the Ford Focus if you're reading this I also apologise to you ... but you really should be more careful and check your mirrors for overtaking cars


~BabyBlue~ has been suitably punished for sticking her oar in when she was expressly told not to and has learned that in the protection game; it's the father that breaks legs ... not the other way around.


To the members I apologise if my time here has made anyone squirm, to the Admin team I apologise for being such a difficult person to deal with in my time here 


Hopefully I'll leave behind some decent images to show the power of PDN and a couple of decent tutorials to show it doesn't have to be rocket science to make something.


Huge thanks to those who've supported my work over the years, to Rick for making a software that totally transformed my use of a computer since MSN chat rooms went kerbang


If these are to be my last words here, keep creating folks, keep making PDN the great thing it is Rick - not forgetting all the plugin authors who help to make it that much more.


To the admin team ... I might not agree with everything you say, and maybe how you say it sometimes, but I must admit the last person I surrendered to was a police dog.   Even I know when to give up.  At least no blood was spilled unlike then and you've succeeded where the Home Office failed in taming me


I harbour no ill-feelings. If it's not reciprocated ... Ahhh well ... maybe no more than I deserve and after a week of things being put into perspective on a personal level, in the grand scheme of things sometimes we reap what we sow, and as daft as it may sound I do respect the work that you guys do here



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I don't think there are any hard feelings here.  


You've apologized in a very honest and open manner.  That cannot have been an easy post to write.  Readers will accept your apology, or not.  In any case I feel it is time to turn the page.



Let me say that you are among friends here.  We care about you.  I care about you.  I don't want you to leave.



Please stay and continue to be a part of our community.

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Welshblue i have a reputation of zero & fully intend to keep it that way.   i know of no job [even inherited] where you start at the top.  For folks like me - this was a 'transference of energy' program - to do something i had never atempted & didn't even understand the terminology.  so i must admit it was a little disturbing 'getting into trouble' for putting a question in the wrong place!!!   i have no idea what members do with their wonderful creations, but i do so hope that if profit is made from using a free program - then the donation would of course be in proportion.  not every day is a 'bright sun shiny day'.  please stay.....this is a machine Welshblue - it has no feelings, plus you can always turn it off.


Happy Valentine's Day

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I also hope you stay around here too. You have helped and guided a lot of people on here, you have offered up tutorials that people have used and also gone on to add a new twist to them. You art is amazing and your sense of humour is spot on.


It takes a lot of courage to write an open apology on a forum (I know by experience when I also apologised on here)  Your a good man Welshblue. It would be a huge loss to the forum and the community on here too.


Please reconsider. :) 

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Welshblue in the USA someone is killed by a bullet every 3 min.....afraid of caps locks & a mouse???....ha!!!  there is a language problem

here - English vs the add on English US.....i gave up explaining 'mankind' on my only other 'social media' yrs ago.  try this 1......."disregarding the background, could you tell me how this was done"   -   there were only 2 things!!!   the background & the rose....but i did have to point out the subject matter as there were 3 questions asked about what i meant.  as Shakspeare said   'to thy own self be true'.......please stay


good night from the Land Down Under

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I know I am not a very active or valid member on this forum, but you have, through your tutorials and your work, shown me what is capable of this wonderful program. I know I don't always complete tutorials that many people do on here, but things you have shown the community have certainly helped me out, plus I know if I did get stuck somewhere with paint.net, I know I could send you a PM and get a reply to show me the way.

As a trainee (rookie) police officer, I have been dealing with people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds and I have learned to have tolerance towards everyone. We all have bad days or outbursts (we are human after all) and we all slip up in life.
Like you say, things that are typed do not come across in the same way that they were meant in a vocal way, you are from what I have seen on this forum, a very respected and well liked member and contributor to all that paint.net offers.


It really would be a big loss to all on here if you decided to throw in the towel on here, just as much impact as losing a plug-in developer. 


I for one would miss the input you have provided. 


edited post because of dreadful spelling and grammar. 

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I'm as confused at Kemaru. I've missed out the passed few weeks, so I have no idea what's happening.


It's obviously your decision at this point if you leave or stay. Personally, I'd like to see you stay because you've made a big impact on this forum over the past few years. However, if you decide leaving here is what's best for you, I'll respect that and wish you a farewell.

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Echoing previous posts. You have made by far the biggest impact on my art & my life. On a community level you have made a huge impact not only through the tutorials but also personal assistance. 


I care about you & would like to see you stay. I also hope that by the time you see my response you are feeling better & the news is good.

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Thanks to those who responded to what is a genuinely sincere post.


EER ... nail on the head - some will accept it, some won't.  I'm glad you're one who did.  As I am BarbieQ' and David are.


Oceana ... you are valued here.  I love your work and you're right I would respond by PM as I would to anyone asking for help.  I wish you the best of luck in your chosen career, like NiteNurse's occupation ...  what a thankless job.  It means a lot that the 2 of you who must experience heaps of **** get where I'm coming from and saying.


Thanks again each and every person above this ... name dropped or not, each post means as much as any other.


My internet activity won't be a lot for what's left of February anyways so please don't see that as me having jumped ship.  

I'll be taking the time to consider things ... and this is in no way a dig at the authority here but I'm the sort of person who sees the oppurtunity of a one liner and posts it, the same as jumping in quick to help someone out in General Discussions ... it's not the same when you have to be granted approval so it takes the fun from it.  The same as not knowing if this will get through.  Do I bother or not ?  But I've got to try to show my gratitude


As I say ... no attack intended.  I'm too weak and tired

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Firstly, my internet access is currently very intermittent and too slow to load forum images correctly when I do get a connection. Thank you to all that have private messaged me, I intend to reply personally when I have changed internet provider. Hopefully I can be of some use on the forum when I get fully back online too.


To WelshBlue:


Your apology is appreciated.


I dislike conflict and have done my best to avoid antagonizing you since you made it clear that you do not like me. I have found your comments towards me over the last seven months or so, very hurtful and can only assume that is what you intended. I do not understand why I should be your target ... I don't understand why anyone should be. Your unpaid policing of the 'politeness' laws seems to be very selective, perhaps that job is better left to the moderators?


If I can go back to using the forum without being sniped at then I am more than happy for you to continue here.(Not my decision to make and I'm quite surprised I wasn't banned for my previous response too!).


Perhaps then you can get back to writing excellent tutorials and I can continue writing mediocre plugins!


To all:

Sorry for the interruption to my plugin availability and for the outburst - it was a last resort.

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I'll most probably get banned for saying this ... or it won't get through; but I hope it does and I don't, so we can all move on because I for one have things I want to concentrate on far more


Firstly, I'm glad you accept my apology.  That's the most important thing to me.


Secondly I think it's ever so slightly unfair that you think I snipe at you for 'anything'


Who was the first one to give glowing praise for your seacape image http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8136-image-umbrella-realistic-images/?p=402458 ... and meaning every word of it.

Plus heaped praise on the subsequent tutorial.  Including taking the time to do it. I've also included some of your plugins in some tutorials because they give a great result.  I've even got a couple of your images bookmarked next in line for the nominations I've made for the Galleria


One point you make is valid, and that's politeness.  I hold doors open for people, let people in front of me at checkouts, give up my seat in waiting rooms and let car drivers out at junctions ... some say thank you, the one's who don't get sarcastic remarks or hand gestures in the case of other drivers.


Maybe it is time for me to leave here when I feel it's wrong for some to take the time to comment on the work of others, but some think it's ok to post and not reciprocate.

Is that so wrong of me ?  I know some agree with me, but maybe we're old fashioned and out of touch of how a forum should be.  And to be fair that's the only sniping I think I've done this past 12 months.  The only other thing that springs to mind is skullbonz in the SOTW discussion and I definitely wasn't the only one there 


Sad that I'm making a backup copy of this message so that I can post it somewhere else if it's not allowed.  


Maybe for my own sanity I should get banned and all traces of me removed 

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Maybe for my own sanity I should get banned and all traces of me removed

Welsh, don't ever say that. Sometimes we have to not let these things get to us and hurt us. As you can see from all the responses, we don't want you to leave.

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So that wasn't really an apology at all then as you simply insult me again straight afterwards.
What was it - a thinly veiled threat to break my legs? - that's laughable!

So you are the person that lets people out of turnings and then rages after them and runs them off the road. Impeccable manners!
What a deeply unpleasant person you are.

It would be pointless to quote every put down and disprove every lie. However, for the record:
I wasted a whole evening writing the seascape tutorial for you ...

post 18 me - "WB - stunning! - I'm glad you persevered"

... your 'compliment' to me...

post 20 you - "Thanks for the Rep points EER and Drew but I've got to admit using an older image I made (link) tied it all in.  It looked bloody potato before".

To all:
You have clearly made your choice - Who would waste time writing plugins and trying to help newer users just to be continually insulted by some self aggrandised buffoon?

Not me - bye

(My apologies to the decent ones here - keep the plugins - if I am as rude as I am painted you will all be happy I've gone).

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