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Paint.net v3.0 without Win2k compatibility

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i really have understanding for continued development for new system platforms.As we arent in the age of Win9x anymore,this is a necessary step.However, i worked with Paint.NET for a year now and lived with the not supported print options of former Paint.NET versions on Win2k.And because i never print my pictures out of Paint-applications,this wasnt a big deal to coupe with.But whats happening now,i just dont understand.The latest release v3.0 is focused and only works on WinXP and Vista.Two systems who are merely lame and IMHO are a bunch of nice picture-stiffed applications!The big years for microsoft are over and the new systems of tomorrow are Ubuntu and its derivates.

Sorry guys,but dont start telling me,it wont be possible to make Paint.net compatible to Win2k anymore cauz i really aint going to believe that!No one needs directX 10 for simple paint works and WinXP and Win2k are -lets say it that way- of same kind.Besides the fact that WinXP is much more moldy and needs more resources with no revolutionary new functions!

If i.g. programers of Paint.net arent able to make Paint.net compatible with Win2k anymore, for me,they seem to be noobs.



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Ubuntu, I recommend one of the following:

1) Upgrade your OS to Windows XP (or Vista)


2) Be happy with Paint.NET version 2.72

We aren't in the age of Windows 2000 any more. The fact of the matter is, Windows 2000 is a dead (or dying) operating system. It is no longer secure or supported by Microsoft. Get over it.

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