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Fixed dimensions on crop

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Similar question to a recent thread, but I wanted to check: can I specify the final pixel dimensions of a crop and then drag my selection box in the ratio of those proportions?

Currently, it seems I can only do a "1:1" crop, but I'd like to be able to res-up or res-down and end up with my specified dimensions.


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There's no aspect ratio box a la PhotoShop, but there is a workaround:

1. Draw your selection with the pixel dimensions of the desired final aspect ratio. For example, for a 4:3 final ratio, make a selection 4px wide and 3px tall.

2. Switch to the Move Selection tool (white arrow).

3. Use the Move Selection tool to scale the selection by grabbing one of the corner nubs. Hold [shift] while scaling to lock the result to the original aspect ratio.

Hope this helps!


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