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Do you expect a purposive discussion starting a thread in a sarcastic way?


In general it's a good design to initiate actions just with the left button because the user is used to get a context menu with the right one.

You are right this is not the case in Paint.NET and previous versions used the right button for rotation, but maybe there are reasons (ie. design for stylus or touch), You just don't know. And I'm not sure you will getting an answer on a statement.


I would also prefer a to get back the old behaviour but to adapt your workflow is not a big deal.


PS: Sorry, but writing a reply and just get blocked is a little bit frustrating.

The moderators in this forum are much too fast  ;-)

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I don't expect anything. And to the ridiculously unwarranted arrogance of the moderator, keep it locked, I actually prefer it. The attitude was the POINT of the post, how could that not be obvious? I wasn't  ASKING for something to be done about it, wtf would the point of that be? You pathetic mods, here, on this site, specifically, have some INSANE feeling of their being a heirarchy, here, when it comes to thoughts, opinions, and attitudes. Your attempts to condescend are hilarious. Your little virtual universe, this forum seems to be, to you all. And you the lords. HA. Truly clowns, the ones of which I speak. 


It seems you have gotten it from your delusional boss, who thinks he is some type of coding god. Look buddy, you made a quaint little freeware image editor, great for beginners. It isnt as if you designed Splinter, your arrogance is WAY overstuffed. It should be dropped nine notches from its current location.


And to the winner that created THIS thread, HA.... hahahaha.....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YOU are just too funny. WAY too much time, WAY too little to do, in the non getpaint.net forum world. 


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I KNOW that was the point.  I was giving you an opportunity to recover your dignity.  Posting like a two year old does not make you look smart, it makes you look like an idiot.


Also, I'm kind of sick of the assumption that enforcing the rules is some kind of power trip.  This is a big forum.  We have a lot to do.  Also, I have a real world job and real world relationships and would much rather spend time on those than on losers like you.


Rick, I was wondering the same thing; everyone seems to have regressed in age to whiny toddler.  Midora, I appreciate your support.  dmd7978, your vitriol is not worth my time.  Thread locked again.


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