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How to copy/cut merged layers to a new image????

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I'm a die hard adobe user, never used anything else to do graphics work in for over 20 years..

but i got curious about paint.net since someone spoken about this program in various threads.


i don't get it and was hoping someone who used it could help.


Say i download an image of the net of a dog with a .png transparent background.

open in paint it's showing the transparency which is great, now say i make another image (not a layer)

of 400px, by 400px, and fill it white, I'm so used to in photoshop just dragging transparency masks/layers from one image

directly into a new image,


I've tried everything in paint.net even tried making a new layer, filling that white, bringing the transparency image to the front.

so the white layer is behind the transparency one, then copy/cut to the new image with a filled in "white" background.


but all that copies across is the transparency layer, unlike Photoshop there's no copy merged, move merged option.

so how do you get to cut/move a bunch of layers as 1 into a new image either by drag and drop, or cut and paste???


i can't work this out.

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Your question seems to be conflicted .. you want to copy merged or you want to copy all layers?


Edit -> Copy Merged is now available in 4.0 (beta).


Otherwise, I'd save as a .PDN and then use Layers -> Import From File.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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hello Rick, sorry it sounds that way.


i know it's a free program and you get what you pay for as they say, i was only trying this out

because my older photoshop when opening any png images all had a black background.


so wanted something light i could open a png image with that showed default on a whitebackground so i could re-save it.

but then i tried doing what i do in photoshop, make a new image color the background white, then just drag the layer into the new image.


photoshop drags the transparent layer or any layer content into the new image, also you can have multiple layers with content and choose copy merged.

when pasted into the new image all the layers paste over,


really glad to see you've included this in v4.0 beta, because for the life of me i couldn't do with your program something as simple as highlight the design area copy and paste all content layers into 1 new image.

or even drag and drop a layer from 1 image to the new image, retaining the white backgound.

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I'm so completely lost ........i need step 1 click on the and then this, step 2 do this and this...........very blond here

I'm try to take a beige backgound  and i want to add lavender flowers onto the beige background.......the problem is that the lavender flowers are on a white background which i want to disappear and sink down so that what i end up with is a beige black ground with laveder flowers on it so i have an entirely new image to work with. 



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Hey Tears - welcome to the forum :D


First - relax.  This should be easy once you learn how.


1. Let's open the beige base image first.  Got it open?  Cool.


2. Got to the Layers Menu and click "Import from File".  Browse to your flower image.  Select it and hit Ok.


3.  Now you should have two layers in the Layers window.  See them?  Great.  The flower layer should be highlighted.  If it isn't, click on it in the Layers Window to make it the active layer.


4. Activate the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool:


5. Click on the white background which surrounds the flowers.  If the selection doesn't include all of the background, increase the Tolerance in the Tool Bar.


6. Press Delete on your keyboard.  Presto!  Flowers on a beige background!


7. VERY IMPORTANT >> Save as a *.pdn file.  You do this to preserve the layer structure.




Step #2 - the images should be of very similar size.  If the imported image is larger, the canvas with base image will be enlarged to accommodate the larger image.


You need one of a couple of plugins to soften the edges of the flowers.   We'll attack this once you have the image basically right.  Ok?

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Very nice job Ego Eram Reputo!  It is not often that a response from a guru is presented as complete and without condescending overtones.  I hope Tears responds with a thanks.  BTW I learned how to use Import a Layer and it worked great.  I am relatively new to Paint.net and can only give it the highest grades for a freeby.


Another BTW ... GraphiX2004 sounds to me like he was really out to put down Paint.net by finding some feature that wasn't equivalent to Photoshop and show off his image editing superiority. Give me a break!

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Thank you Rich38 :D I do try to help users as much as I can. I can remember clearly how frustrating some techniques can be until you figure them out. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to explain things simply and clearly when I was writing my paint.net book.

I completely failed to notice there was a year between GraphiX2004 and Tears posts! That means I should lock this thread...

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