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Hey you did it! Fantastic to see you open your own gallery so that we can see all your lovely work in one place. Well done!


I love the Loch Ness monster & thought what a good manip of a photo :D Then I realised it was all PDN. 


Love the glasses image & also the layered one. 


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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For some reason, I always thought you had a gallery. And man, this is great work! The loch ness monster's cute. I don't know if you intended it to be, but it is. :) Nice photo manipulations, too.

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So nice to see you now have a Gallery.  Just love the Loch Ness monster - so darn cute :)  Very clever photo manips and I really, really like the abstracts.  Looking forward to more additions B)


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Nessie looks amazing in that pic. I love how realistic the water and the fog look.


From the photomanipulations, 'Pecan' is really interesting. Makes me wonder if you used plugins and/or blending modes to achieve that outcome.


I, also, like the images you did with text. My favorite is 'Pow!' It's like watching onomatopoeia from a comic book. (I never read one, but I've found references on Google Images. :))


The 'Oldies' (as you called them)... Whoa. I can't help but think about one word...which I'm not sure if it's good writing it here. They're tremendous! :]

(Please, be careful. Some of the sites I'm on might not be family-friendly. 😱 )

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Thank you all for your kind words.


 Barbieq it is a photo! :D


Lost my glasses in the yard and found them while raking leaves a year later. Loved the blue that Laplacian pyramid filter brought out.


My oldies, like a lot of good noobs, I was drawn to Polar Inversion and Polar Transformation, anything that would stretch and distort without to much regard to color. Layerd was my first layered.


Helen, thank you. I do silly more than cute, I think. I do like to draw little pictures. Love your take on Kinkaid.


My header was made with Red Ochre's Seascape tutorial, the 'monster' from another pic posted as a demo in his Furblur plugin post.


Drewdale,thank you...It means a lot. Do try some tutorials. B)


Red Ochre, thank you. Wildworld was finish back in '11. I Clipwarped the top layer when your plugin came out. I liked.


Seerose, thank you for the complement.


Welshblue, I think Dug's images tell more of a story while mine which don't have any imagery just evoke a feeling. Well, the two at the top are supposed to.


Dug-forgive me for commenting on your work while you're not here.


Pixey, thank you. The one with the flying pig was my entry to Possum Roadkill's contest Robotic Barnyard that fell through. My first real try at drawing critters. Loved your chicken.


Beta0, thank you. I applied Welshblue's tutorial Get the Digitally Painted Look to Pecan and Metalized coneflower. While the color pink turned out nice it doesn’t seem to improve green, and Pecan is creepy to me. Onomatopoeia-made a quick look up. I'll call it a speech bubble for short. :P Most of the square ones are me trying to work out ideas I found around the web. I like the soft colors in your avatar and sig.


Thank you all for stopping by. I hope you can make sense of what I've written. Any questions just ask.

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Just took a peek at 'Metalized Coneflower'. You're right. Hmmm...it seems I have a thing for creepy stuff (creepypasta does not count.)

*snickers* Sorry. This person (myself) has problems at choosing the right words. X] Oh, you mean inspiration and references?

Thank you. And you're welcome. :)

Edited by Beta0

(Please, be careful. Some of the sites I'm on might not be family-friendly. 😱 )

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I also like how much variation you have here ' nesting' is very good 'destination has an amazing texture to it and the ones in the 'oldies' section are very good too. 

Interesting and inspiring work Doughty.  :trophy:





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Hi all


The first two are posted in the Galleria, still happy with that. Thanks.


Ochre Sea from Red Ochre's tut: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27685-seascape-rough-seas-using-furblur/


Furblur Sheep made with Red Ochre's plug in: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27058-furblur-update-21st-sept-2013/


MadJik 3D...I'll post the link to tutorial...Think I'm all ready with my info. Pffft.


Nesting, made with MadJik's tut: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/4704-a-way-to-make-a-textured-floor/

Fiber, I used with my Nesting orbs.


Cells, and I added three that are posted in Image Umbrella: Abstract Images.

Edited by doughty




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