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save layer, even if not in picture area

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I have a suggestion for paint.net...

When you move a layer somewhere, so that some pixels are not in the picture area anymore, those pixels are discarded when you save the image.

Before you save it, they can be moved back to the picture area...

I think it would be very useful, if the layers would be saved completeley, even if they cannot be seen, without moving them in the picture area...

What do you think of this?

cu scavenger

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If something is moved outside the boundaries of the image, then it doesn't exist anymore. There is of course potential utility in being able to have "scraps" outside of the canvas boundaries, but this is not possible in Paint.NET. It's just not the way it works.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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If you import a file into a new layer and the file you are trying to import has a larger canvas size than your current canvas size, PdN will ask you if you would to like to expand the canvas size inorder for the entire file to be seen. If you opt to keep your canvas size as is, the entire image is still present but only the portions inside the bounds of the canvas area are viewable. You can see this if you move the the selected pixels around before finalizing the selection.

A workaround this is to always say yes when asked to expand the canvas size when importing a file into a new layer that has larger canvas size. If you do that, all your image information will be preserved. The only things left to do is to save it as a .pdn, flatten your image, make your selection, and then crop.


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