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Totally confused by canvas size settings...

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This has had me totally confused right from the beginning.  I'm severely dyslexic and end up taking shots in the dark to at least get the canvas to a size where I can draw on it!  The last thing I did when a new file came up with a ridiculously small canvas was just magnify it so I could paste an image on it... but the program is still "working" after minutes.  It's as if I gave it an undoable task!


There's a small "diagram" or something at the bottom of the Canvas Size window.  Might that be a way for me to adjust canvas size without dealing with all those numbers?  I'm trying to design a logo... and I at least need the canvas to come up the same size each time I open a new file. 


I don't understand why, even though I typed 4000 pixels, it came up smaller than the previous file set at 600, 800!!!!


I don't know what numbers to type!  Can someone please help me.  :(

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The diagram in the Canvas Size dialog has to do with where the current image is anchored when you resize the canvas. It does not aid you in making dimensional changes.

What you need to do is type the actual dimensions you want into the dialog. If you are typing in a new width and height, uncheck the Maintain Aspect checkbox first.

Is your logo going to be square or rectangular?

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