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Shapes, (letters), won't fill with color...

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I have all other layers turned off.  I'm on the only layer that's turned on.  There are some words on that layer that I made with the text tool.   The text tool is turned off now.  I tried to change the color of one word with the paint bucket tool but the only thing that happens is the whole layer gets filled in.  Other words on tat layer get filled normally.  Can anyone tell me what might be going on?


Low vision and dyslexia may be the reason these things happen to me sometimes.  :(


Thanx in advance for any help with this.  :)

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adjust the tolerance of the paint bucket tool (lower it a bit)

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It's possible to have a layer turned 'off' (i.e. hidden) and still have it selected as the active layer for editing.

Make sure your text layer is the one with the blue highlight in the Layers Window.

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OK, I answered too soon!  It was the tolerance...  and my poor vision.  I thought another thingie at the top of the screen was the tolerance.  But when I used my Coke-bottle glasses, (the google-goggles), I found the tolerance.  And because I didn't know what was going on, I failed to mention that the word in question was colored with a light color.  The other words were darker.  So I guess the PaintBucket tool didn't notice the difference in color.  It didn't see that word.

Thanx for the help.  Unfortunately, I'll be back the next time I don't see something and everything goes KOO-KOO.  Om glad you guys are here.  :)

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