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Image is blurred when imported, Help???

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I am new to the forum and new to using Paint.Net.  I work for a Transit Agency and I am creating new scheduling brochures along with maps.  I have attached an image of the brochure so that you can see what is going on.  I created the maps using Paint.Net. The schedule was created in Microsoft Excel.  When I tried to copy and paste it directly from Excel to Paint.net, it wouldn't allow me to do it.  So, what I did was take the Excel spreadsheet and copy/paste it to regular Microsoft Paint and saved it as a picture, then using Paint.net under layers tab / import image , it transferred it to my map, however if you look closely the wording is a little blurry and the column on the far right is really blurry. 


What am I doing wrong ?? and is there any way to fix this, or would there be an easier approach of transferring it to my map using Paint.net and by-passing Microsoft Paint ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Regards, Grant


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