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Lasso Selections Plugin Needed

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I'm not sure if there is one out there already, but it would make life easier if it were possible to select images with the lasso tool as it is done in PhotoShop.


Does anyone know if there is a plugin out there like that? If so, link me up! :)

I would seriously donate to whoever makes a working plugin that enhances selection tools!

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I understand that, but the problem with the one already built in is that the second I let go of the mouse, the selection is done. Whereas in PS I can click over and over making the selection until I've clicked all the way to point A. 



I wonder if I'm making sense.. haha

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There's not really a plugin to make selections, as plugins are limited by selections. However, there's this one which, combined with some layer manipulations, can be just as good/better.

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Wow! You're right on that. This will be the closest thing to it, but it will definitely save a lot of time!

Thank you very much, by the way!


I went through the alphabetical list 3 times looking for something similar and I would of have never guessed this what I was looking for. haha

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