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Feature request: Control nubs on shapes.

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I like Paint.net a lot, it's infinitely quicker and more user-friendly than that pavement pizza of a program known as "GIMP"  and for most things I use it for it beats Chasey's Draw IES - a very good program but a little bit on the cluttered side. But one thing seems to be missing from Paintnet; control nubs.


There is no way to make an ellipse or even a rectangle in Paint.net of the correct dimensions; once you let go of the mouse button, that's it, you can't adjust it, if you get it wrong then all you can do is start again.. and again..and again. It's impossible. I'm surprised no one has asked for it before as a new feature, I don't know how difficult it is to implement but I noticed even Microsoft Paint has control nubs -  albeit with no anti-aliasing on ellipses.

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A refresher course here for me 


In PDN 3.5 does it draw the shape ... then no nubs when you let go of the mouse ?  

It hasn't been that long and I really can't remember.  Not a good prognosis for my future memory strength ... 

There are no nubs in 3.5 after drawing a shape. I always drew my shape big and then resized with the select tool. Before alpha 4.0 that is :)

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