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How can I make eyes all black and white them out?

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I really love Paint.NET for my photo editing now and never found a tutorial/solution to my problems. Problem 1: my old method, made for Photoshop, of creating sclera-like eyes (think Dune only in black) doesn't really work in Paint sadly! Or maybe I'm doing something totally wrong?

Here's an example of what I'm trying to achieve...




The Ps method was fill in the eye entirely with a black picked up from the image itself so it looked natural (HA!), then add highlights with a softer brush and a lot of Guassian blurring at the edges.


Am I screwing something up in Paint after following this exact method? I don't think we can select how hard or soft a brush is.


Problem 2 is how to create this sort of look...




Minus the slight screen/mesh appearance. (This sort of look might be a better example.) I really just need to look dead! I tried this tutorial/method but it didn't really look that great in my opinion. Also can't find the Feather plugin, everything goes to Yukuland.


I can't buy screen/mesh contacts because they don't offer prescriptions and Paint.NET's already free. Plus they wouldn't be used often.


I hope these images aren't too big. But nonetheless, thanks for any help!

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