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Advise on logo and banner sizes for a web page

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Hello people,

Have only posted a few times but a few of you may already know about my project.  I'm looking at build my own website with the help of the people i am hosting my page with.  before i start parting with cash and getting the help i am hoping to do as much work as possible before siging up. any advice on what sort of things i should be getting ready would be appreciated.


for those that dont know, i am doing an ecommerce page selling fairly traided products or eco things.

obviouslt i need a logo and company name, which i am working on right now. this needs to go on a banner. 

the other things i'd like to have done are

company statment "about us"

terms and conditions

postage prices and times resurched

payment options

Newsletter options


if anyone out there can think of anything else i could do before starting to build please let me know.

am happy to post websites that i like the look of to get peoples opinions on if they would buy from them, or why they wouldnt. am also happy to disclose my possible web host.  Dont want to break any forum rules so will wait to be requested rather than just post them.


thanks again for all the help i have already recieved.

and before its said, yes i know to work very big so i can scale down easerly with my logo and company name ;)


looking forward to your guildence

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