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Glossy Button over a Background Image

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I created my avatar using Paint.NET years ago:




It is looking dated (to me), so I had been thinking about sprucing it up.


I decided I would remove the ugly text "jp2code", throw a transparent Glossy Button effect over it, and put my text on top of the glossy button as an Etched Glass effect.


Sounds neat, right?


So, I look up and start reading up on a couple of the better glossy button tutorials:

I have used them both before with great success, but this time proved difficult. Neither of them seems to have a good way to use a background image.


The best approach I found was to create a ymd button using a light gray background and setting the opacity down to 150 or so.


The end result looks no where near as nice as I had pictured in my head:




As you can see, it is very dark, does not look like a Glass Button, and I have not found a good Etched Glass effect.


Does anyone have any advice on how to brighten up the Glossy Button without washing out the background?

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I'd like to introduce you to my friend @Red ochre and his amazing ClipWarp plugin.


What ClipWarp does is wraps an image in the clipboard around an object on a transparent layer.  It's just what you need to bend the background image of your avatar around some foreground text.



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