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Completing the family portrait: inserting a face into a larger picture

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I am a newbie seeking HELP from more seasoned Paint.net users!


This past summer my widowed mother got everyone in the family home EXCEPT me, and they took a great candid picture in front of the fireplace (attached here). 


They left a space for a picture of me to be inserted (you'll see that just to the left of my Mom, in the bright blue shirt, there is a person-sized gap.


I have an appropriately sized picture of myself (which I will attach in my next post) that I want to insert in this picture so I can print it out and frame it for my Mom's b-day on february 7th ...


... BUT I have spent 12 hours wrestling with Paint and just cannot get it done.


Can anyone help me?  ideally, by taking these two images and combining them as I have tried and failed to do, and maybe sharing the step-by-step with me?


the WHOLE family would love it if you can help me



finishing up my 'plea for help', here's the other image that I am trying to insert into the larger one


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Have you found layers? Cakes have layers.


For future reference, using the layer window you can create a new layer. Select the new layer and put in the picture you want edited in. With that, you can edit it without worrying about breaking the original picture. When you're done cleaning up the edges of the face (which is what I assume you want to do; put the face in the picture somewhere but not with a white background) then you can merge the layer down with the next one and save the image. :)


:cookie-chocolate: I baked another one...

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