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Rick Brewster

Paint.NET v3.0 is now available!

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It's done and it's ready. Go get it from the main page, or via the built-in updater. If you are using v2.72, use "File->Updates->Check Now...". If you are using a pre-release version of 3.0, use "File->Help->Check for Updates..."


Here's what's new since v2.72:

    * Simple and intuitive tab-based multi-document user interface
    * Now available in 8 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish
    * Interactive Gradient Tool that makes it very easy to draw and then fine-tune placement and coloring of a gradient.
    * User-definable color palette (as opposed to just the color wheel)
    * New effects: Clouds, Median, Unfocus, Outline, and an improved Sharpen
    * More intuitive and more powerful toolbar
    * Generally improved and cleaner user interface
    * History files are now compressed to save disk space, reduce disk activity, and improve performance.
    * "Merge Down" layer command


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I sent an E-Mail to.. a... uhh.. high person.

Short Version:

...I was always hoping for a mentioning of the free program called

In short, is a free bitmap editor to rival Photoshop. It is run on the .NET framework from Microsoft, therefore it only runs on Microsoft Windows. It previously ran on Windows 2000, but due to the shrinking audience of win2k users, users only run on Windows XP SP2 or higher. has a large number of advantages over Photoshop and GIMP. It much smaller at about 20MB after installation, therefore it runs faster. It has a very user friendly interface (Icons for everything, unlike Photoshop). It contains most of the great features of Photoshop (blurs, distorts, and other effects like clouds and oil painting)...

...Contact the team at pdnemail.gif.

Just out of hopes of raising publicity.

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7 diggs and 2 comments? C'mon guys, you can do better than that...

Looks like a smooth release Rick, it works great - as expected.

I think everyone is out drinking beer. There's also at least 3 duplicate digg posts competing for clicks ... I'm sure one will eventually get front paged :)

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