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Is it possible to recolor an image using Paint.NET?

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I want to be able to change colors across my entire image. Kind of like the bucket tool when it is on universal, but with a few changes. It would be able to change dark red into dark blue and also light red into light blue at the same time when the tool is used. It would scale based on the lightness of the color throughout the entire image. I could basically choose blue, click on any red part with the tool, and then every red color (with a certain tolerance) would change into blues of the same lightness and darkness as red. I was thinking that this would be useful for changing the colors of objects that have certain shading effects or shadows in them. I'm not sure if this has been made or if anyone can, but I'd like to know how and if it's even possible.

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Hi freewayman - welcome to the forum!

The tool you want is already built and included in Paint.NET. It's called the Recolor Tool :RecoloringTool:


1. Set primary color to the Hex code for the color you want to end up with.
2. Use color picker tool :ColorPickerTool: to select the color in the image that you want replaced. Set this color to the secondary color by picking the color using the right mouse button.
3. Wind the brush width up to 80 or something large like that.
4. Wind the tolerance down to around 20%
5. Cover the image in sweeping movements of the mouse with the left button held down.



Online documentation: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/RecolorTool.html

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