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How to match colours?

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When something with transparency covers part of an image (Mandatory process)(Such as the transparent layer in Twitter that distort the background), if I want to retain the original image look, I have to change part of the image into a more virbrant colours as before it was covered with a mandatory transparent layer.


Here is a demonstration

In this case, I want to change the upper part so it looks the same colour as before, so I will need to change the upper part with more contrast or brightness, etc, so after the layer is added, it looks the same as if without the layer on. A way to do this as I mentioned, is to use curve tool or change contrast and brightness, but there is no way that I can get it to 100 accurate.



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100% accurate?  Unlikely.  However you could try this:


1. Open your image.


2. Duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:


3. Set upper layer blend mode to Multiply.

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I don't get what exactly you want to happen but I assume you want the gray transparent layer to color the white background behind the Paint.NET logo (the rectangular picture with the paintbrush and sky in it) and text without actually altering the original color of the logo and text.


In my attempt to do this, I used blue instead of gray and this is what I came up with.




I had the logo with text on the base layer of course.


I created a top layer and set its mode to Darken.


On this Darken Layer, I drew a straight, blue, horizontal line at the middle. That will serve as a guide. I used the Eraser to erase any segments of the line that crosses the logo drawing and that little red gradient that is between E and T of the Paint.NET text.


The fun thing with the Darken mode layer is that any color you paint here, avoids any black color on the layer below.


I then used a brush with varying sizes to paint across the background which is so easy around the black text. I used very small brush sizes to carefully paint blue around the rectangular logo picture. I had to retrace the tiny "TM" text with a black pencil. I merged both layers and tada!!! Its done...




 An easier way is to just draw a color-filled rectangle on the upper half of the top Darken mode layer and just use an eraser to clear out the part with the logo and the red gradient between E and T.

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