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Help adding a spraypainted effect to a non-spraypainted picture?

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I know how to make a picture appear drawn on a surface. It's actually pretty easy. However, I want a picture to look like someone got a spray can and sprayed it on a wall themselves. However, the picture I have attached does not have this effect (I already took the liberty of simplifying the colors though, so there's only a black, gray, and red). Any help, please?


All in all, you're just another brick in the wall.

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I'd try @Red ochre's Overblur plugin.


Settings: Blur Radius 23  Overblur -4.71




You'll have to tweak the colors a bit to get back to the original (if required).  I think the hammer heads are an excellent "spraypaint" look.


You might also get a better effect by removing the red background to another layer and blurring that independently.

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I'd pretty much use Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur on any coloring where I want blurred edges. I think It'll do just fine for the spray painted effect. Here is one I did with a graffiti font and a concrete texture with the help from this Concrete Texture Tutorial





If you have not yet tried the Alpha Build of paint.NET 4, I recommend you try it because it comes with a softness adjustable brush that you can use so your brush strokes have faded edges to give it that spray painted effect.

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