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Remove Checkered Background?

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I need help with removing the "transparent" checkered background. I pasted an image and started erasing everything around it. Once everything was checkered but the picture, I copied and pasted it to another image. Now my selection of this image came with the checkered background. I'm trying to find a way to remove this so only my pasted image shows.

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I have a first pic with checkered background and a picture.

I select a square around it and copy it

i paste it onto a 2nd picture but the whole selection i pasted comes with my picture and a checkered background



(I used to know how to fix this but i haven't used paint.net in over a year or two and i forgot, i remember it being really simple to do.)

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Hello Victor,


Simply paste the picture into a layer above the other one.

So use Edit/Paste into new layer (or ctrl+ shift + V) or create a new layer first  :AddNewLayer:   and paste into that.


... slow again! :D


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