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Help!! Image view problems

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Hi there! Ok so here's my problem.


Step 1: I edit my photos in Photoshop Lightroom 64-Bit. Here is how a photo looks when I'm done editing:



Step 2: I open the photo in Paint.NET. It now looks green.



This has happened on EVERY photo I edit. Always. I have tried everything I can think of - even uninstalling Paint.NET. Help!

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I'm not familiar with PS - but I suspect you're saving the image with a palette attached (i.e. a palette based PNG - I think PS calls this an Indexed Color image).  If I'm correct, try saving it without then opening with PDN.


I opened both images you posted with paint.net.  They appear as presented above i.e. the first one is faithful to the colors and the second one greenish.

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